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The Open Windows Project

Idea and Concept: Marie Liane Moersch

The Project - Phase I
The project implies that an artist throws a glance into another country by creating a window with view to that country. He should have a strong emotional bond to that country in a positive sense - his ancestors might come from there, he might like to spend his time there, he might have friends there, etc. The design of the window should reflect his feelings. The artist will then explain his choice of country in a short text or illustrate it by a story or poem.

The paintings or objects will be shown on different exhibitions where the project will be presented to the public.

The Project - Phase II
The project will then "expand" via internet and will include artists all over the world. E.g.: Artist A creates a window with view to Spain, i.e. from Germany to Spain. In a further step, a Spanish artist will be addressed who will then create a window with view to a further country, e.g. Sweden, so that this is a view from Spain to Sweden. A Swedish artist will then create a window with view to Camerun, etc. until this grows into a worldwide net.

If 10 artists from Düsseldorf create 10 windows with view to a different country each, there will be 10 countries, from where the next artist generation will continue. This second generation of artists who create windows will place photos of their artworks and a text explaining their choice in a database, until all countries of the world will be inter-connected or until a certain deadline is set.

The aim of the Open Windows Project is the connection of all countries in the world via positive emotions. Every internet surfer can e.g. find out about the ties which connect artists from abroad with his home country. He can also call by the database how other enthusiastic people regard a country of his choice or he can be inspired for a country he does not yet know much of by the subjective and creative insights of artists.

Marie Liane Moersch
Cimbernstr. 27
40545 Düsseldorf
Tel. +49-(0)211-17 15 888

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